GMX Garnet is a high performance, maintenance grade blasting abrasive that delivers the most efficient and cost-effective blast cleaning for surfaces that have heavy rust and thick coatings and is also effective on medium coatings as well.
GMX Garnet consists of totally natural almandite garnet known for its superior hardness and abrasive ability.
As GMX Garnet is a crushed abrasive, the particles are more angular than most garnets in the market.  GMX Garnet’s angular grains produce higher profile levels and increased production on those hard-to-remove coatings.
GMX Garnet is available in a complete size range:  8/12, 16, 36, 30/60, 80 and 120 mesh.

GMX Garnet is well suited for surface preparation for new construction, maintenance and repair applications.

  • Oil & petrochemical industry maintenance, work in refineries and storage tanks as well as on-shore and off-shore installation.
  • Shipyards, conversion and repair, including antimagnetic and other special steels
  • Maintenance of chemical plants, power stations, mining and processing equipment, gas and sewerage plants, desalination and industrial plants.
  • Building industry and structural steel.
  • Construction and maintenance of containers and tanks, tank trucks and rail tanks, as well as rail cars and passenger trains.